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There is always a sense of purpose in writing any blog.  This one is no different.  Our purpose is to preserve, protect and promote the historic structures and places of Eastern Long Island.  The North and South Forks of Long Island possess some of the most remarkable early American architecture to be found.  We are working to keep it that way.

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We believe in empowering local citizens and organizations with the needed tools to preserve the places that are significant to this community.  Advocating for the preservation of significant historic places at the local level through public policy development, coordination with elected officials, grassroots organizing and strategic technical support requires a total community effort.  This blog is about educating citizens about historic preservation through regular communications that share on-going programs and events.  Promoting innovative approaches and connections among people and organizations to help increase awareness of historic places, community preservation and what is valued by the community is critical to “keeping what matters” clearly in focus. 

Tune into our television broadcast, “This Place Matters”, on Channel 20 East Hampton Public Access.  Check broadcast times at www.ltveh.org


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